Touch-Ups & Restorations

A little of what a touch up can do…I had a friend that went to Vegas to get married and had random pictures taken of herself and her husband there.  As a surprise gift for her I touched them up and removed people.  She went to Walgreens to get her pictures printed and they refused saying they must have been taken by a professional photographer and she needed a release!

Whether you have a photo that simply needs to be retouched or an old family heirloom that needs to be restored, I have the ability to handle the job.  I can fix frame or light damaged, faded, cracked, torn, burn or water damaged images and give them new life.


If you have a picture that is just not the shot you want it to be, I can fix that too!  I can remove unwanted people from portraits, add someone new in, change the color of a dress or hair, or simply remove clutter from the background.


Call for a free consultations. 

Prices will vary based on severity and detail of restoration.

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