Wedding Prices

Long after your day is over, cake is eaten, dress boxed away, your portraits will remain visible as your precious memories of the day that you have possibly dreamed of your whole life.  Your wedding day will go by so fast, and your portraits will  preserve your memories for you to cherish forever.


There are many different wedding photographers out there and your wedding portraits are too important to trust just anyone. 

Each photographer will have their own personal style, and it is important to choose your photographer based on finding one that

fits within your budget along with matching your style. 


Important things to know when choosing a photographer is are they experienced, do they have a back-up plan if anything goes wrong with any of their equipment or technology, do they have a back-up plan if anything happens to themselves, are they trustworthy, do they photograph digitally and have the ability to enhance your portraits to your wishes, are they comfortable moving quickly yet not making focus on themselves, will you get too see all of your portraits within a reasonable amount of time, did the photographer spending your day with you actually photograph all of the portraits seen within their gallery, and are they reasonably priced.  I am able to answer yes to all of the above questions.


I will do an in person consultation with you before you choose to book me.  I will photograph your wedding to your wishes.  My style is a mixture of traditional along with photo-journalistic.  I think it is important for a bride and groom to have the traditional group and family poses where everyone looks at the camera and smiles.  However, I also think it is fun to have a photographer that becomes a shadow for the day

capturing every moment as it happens.


My specialty and goal is to be sure that the bride looks back at her portraits and feels like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Please browse my gallery and see if my photography matches the style you are picturing for your wedding day.

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